Waiting for God November 2019

Directed and produced by Catherine Ward


Photography by Antonia Solomon

Sand Castles May 2019

Directed and produced by Juliet Baxter


Photography by Rob Stirling

The House of Dracula November 2018

Directed and produced by Catherine Ward


Murdered to Death 2014

Prepare to meet thy Tomb 2013

Music Hall April 2009

Darling Buds April 2008

House of Frankenstein 2008

Treasure Island November 2007

Abigail's Party April 2007

Wyrd Sisters November 2006

Beyond Reasonable Doubt November 2005

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe April 2005

Table Manners 1985

Bustins 1983

American Pie 1983

Pools Paradise 1982

Shock Tactics 1982

Habeus Corpus 1981

Coarse Acting 1981

Tomb with a View 1980

Big Bad Mouse 1980

Suddenly At Home 1979

Blithe Spirit 1978

Where We Meet

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Aspley Guise

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